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I assume that when they heard the word ‘summer’ many people think of beverages that make you refreshed, like orange juice, soda pop or tequila sunrise, and that tea might come to only a few people’s minds. I, being one of such people, personally fancy myself having glasses of ice-cold barley tea.

The other day, I wrote two entries on Åland Islands (the one about my personal recommendations and the other exclusively dedicated to the Bomarsund fortress, both in Japanese). Although Finland has attracted the eyes of Japanese tourists, which is especially case for larger cities (Helsinki, Turku, Tampere etc.) and winter resorts (Rovaniemi, Saariselkä and so on), the archipelago in the middle of the Baltic Sea still remains as just a niche destination, and one can find only a few travelogues in Japanese.

Given this situation, a curious Japanese traveler might have a hard time to get the idea of what to buy for a gift or a souvenir.

That is why I have picked up Ålandsblandning this time. It is Ålandian tea made exclusively by ingredients picked up on the archipelago. That means it is local, hence one of the best options for a souvenir.